Mission Statement

Our purpose on this website is to provide useful information to both consumers and professional photographers alike. For professional photographers, we offer the capability to make contact and network with other pros, further our education and create a venue from which to share and teach others.

For consumers we offer the ability to selectively find and contact a photographer or vendor within our membership with the needed skills, qualities, and qualifications to fulfill that person's needs. 

Why hire a PPOC-Atl Member?

Our members are simply a cut above. They invest in their craft through membership. By submitting their work into competition, acquiring accreditations, attending educational seminars and work shops, they are constantly striving to be the very best in their chosen field as professional photographers.

In the unlikely event you ever had an issue with a PPOC Atlantic Member Photographer, you have the benefit of contacting our President or PPOC Representative to assist as mediators to help resolve any conflicts or issues that may arise.

Book a PPOC Atlantic Member!


  • Even for a stock shooter, PPOC and its affiliates offer several chances to compete for regional and national recognition every year - Accreditation in many different categories, Salons, Speaking appearances, and the biggest benefit is the advertising, professional status, and referrals from other members. Most groups offer conventions, seminars, networking, etc. If you like competing and see the benefits of capitalizing on the awards through the media in your area - there's nothing better than PPOC, IMHO.
  • Over the past 12 years I have PPOC Atlantic to thank for much of my success.  The education, friendships, and comradery are second to none.  Having opportunities to have my work judged along side top notch photographers is invaluable.  I would not be as successful as I am today if it were not for being involved in the PPOC Atlantic.
  • PPOC provides a great connection to other like-minded photographers and an opportunity to attend local seminars and educational workshops that you wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to attend. It offers many benefits beyond education, professional recognition and networking including merchandise discounts, insurance polices and the opportunity to work towards degrees such as Craftsman of Photographic Arts and Master of Photographic Arts. And more importantly, you make wonderful friends and have a fantastic time!